Colombian Jargon Success Manual. Undoubtedly the best countries in Latin America, this Colombian jargon manual will help you easily fit in.

The next day may be the final day’s our two week credit in Colombia and I’m moving forward.

When I first found its way to Colombia Having been extremely irritated because i really could not discover Colombians. Colombian slang possesses its own number of expression and slang.

I had beenn’t certain that it has been given that they comprise mumbling, talking quickly or combining the two.

Colombia is actually a nation with a large number of occupants and different features throughout.

This lends it self to many different words becoming tailored nationwide. Here, are among the hottest Colombian jargon keywords, Colombian jargon insults and Colombian slang hello by and large.

Table of elements

Vital Colombian Jargon

A factor used to do recognize is the fact that undoubtedly a terrific level of expressions that I didn’t understand:


Listo essentially means ‘ready’ but its additionally employed if anything is smart or fantastic or okay.

I listen this many times everyday but once We initial arrived I was thinking everyone was constantly asking me personally if I would be ready.


With tasty aguardiente along with other delicious Colombian products its much too an easy task to turned out to be hungover.

In Mexico the two call-it crudo, meaning raw. However Colombian Spanish for hangover are guayabo.

Example: Este guayabo myself va a matar…(EN) This hangover is going to destroy me personally.


That’s right, this English statement can be used a good deal in Colombia and it is regularly refer to a person, a male or a young child.

Instance: Este dude es muy buena persona (This man is an extremely good individual).

a la orden

Colombians are really polite plus there is a sense of formality inside their conversation.

Anybody serving you, from a minicab driver to a store worker will talk about this for your requirements. It virtually means ‘to purchase’ it is further much ‘at your own service’.

I did not understand why one whatever, particularly if i might whine to minicab individuals people had been getting me-too very much in addition they answered with this specific term which truly implied get on the cab gringa.


It is put much in Colombia and concerns when someone can feel happier or cozy in a number of room or situation.

Illustration: “Te veo bastante amanado en la fiesta” o “te veo muy amanada en tu nueva casa” (EN) “I help you very happy during the function” or “I help you happy in the new house”

Con mucho gusto

Another Colombian pleasantry that are complicated. While in any country it means ‘nice in order to meet you’ we established hearing it right here from waitresses or provider customers when I thanked them.


Caliente will not simply imply beautiful but inaddition it mean steamy in Colombian jargon. We discovered this the hard ways once my favorite party lover couldn’t realize I happened to be stating i used to be hot temps best.

Modify: A kind good friend only composed me it was because I mentioned estoy consumidor not tengo calor. Wisdom read.

Llevar a cabo la vaca

Although this Colombian jargon means create a cow. It isn’t quite remote.

The phrase “Hacer una vaca” or “Hagamos una vaca” pertains to collecting funds among numerous someone for a particular objective.

Colombians do it too much to get dishes, for getaways, for couples, for birthdays, etc.

Instance: Hagamos una vaca para irnos de paseo el fin de semana. (En) Let’s pool our personal bucks collectively to be on escape for the vacation.


If you’d like to fit in you ought to shed ‘si’ and initiate using regional speak.


Colombians love to marvel at style and bonita, hermosa, guapa and preciosa weren’t reducing it; you’ll frequently discover these people use lindo/linda to descibe cute points.


This might additionally imply “Monkey” but also in Colombia can be used much “mico o simio” to refer to a monkey.

Mono is used a lot to consider a golden-haired guy (it is known with love), extremely, if you find yourself a foreigner and crazy, you are going to discover loads that they dub a person “Mono” or “Mona” if you are a female.

Case: You’re in a shop and additionally they talk about “Que se et le oferta mono” “so what can i actually do for your family, blondie?


All tactics to declare some thing try cool although it seems that chimba trumps chevre the same way fabulous trumps cool.

But be aware because chimba furthermore denotes feminine genitalia – although fairly good ascertain these people at any rate appropriated they in an optimistic illumination.


It really is used to refer to an individual who is a really friend, that like a twin and who’s often during the memories and negative.

In Colombia neighbors likewise get a portion of the kids, although in Colombia they are very welcoming and they use parcero getting much helpful and also enter in self-confidence.


Like all of our shortened expressions in french ‘por approval’ is too much for many Colombians consequently it’s come to be porva. It was one slang that irritated me personally while I would never locate the verb in every dictionary.

As soon as I perfected these Love it if more decided I experienced taken my personal Spanish to another stage, admittedly this is certainly right now but later I’ll maintain Ecuador there are a completely new batch of expressions to determine.


This phrase can relate to a target, circumstance or motion. Like for example: “?los cuales problema con esa vaina!” or “Se dano esa vaina…”.

The English translation happens to be “What an issue with that factor!” or “That things happens to be stressed!…”